Vase Yourself For Fall! September 29 2015

Full speed ahead into Fall with some essentials to match. Bigger and bolder vases are headed your way! Now is the time to take a look at your place, your space, and let these designs movitate you to create a place for a vase.

Happy Summer!!! June 21 2015

Greetings from me to you! I hope everyone's ready for a sensational summer. This is the time to have fun with color and light. As we've hit the half mark of the year, we have miles to go in creating the best look for your space. A new season to fill the world with ideas, designs, and plenty of room for a place for a vase.

Happy Holidays November 08 2014

The holiday season's is here. Now is the time to add a special, unique, one of a kind gift just for you and yours to your shopping list. In a time of sharing and caring, we have just what you need to make your holiday complete. Preparing to move full speed into the shopping season will bring many moments to warm your heart and enlighten your mind in regards to giving that perfect present. So enjoy the hustle and bustle and remember there's always a place for a vase.

We Welcome Change... July 06 2014

Extra, Extra, the half year mark is here. We're in July, the Summer is going full speed ahead. Think back on all the moments you've experienced so far. Look forward to all the memories to come. For the good, the bad, and the in between, remember there's always a place for a vase. Enjoy.

Happy December December 01 2013

Greetings and Salutations!!! Happy December and Seasons Greetings. May you receive all that you wish for this holiday. The spirit of the season comes and goes so fast and with weeks to go, you have to make it count. Not a minute to waste, check out A Place For A Vase (for a unique treasure for all those on your gift giving list). Peace and Love to all. 

Welcome Fall September 22 2013

Greeting and saluations to all as we welcome Fall! We're so excited as the year rolls on and this new season is upon us. Fall brings cool days and new ways of reflecting our style. Keep your eyes posted for new vases, new designs, new ideas. We still have the original classics so take a look and remember there's always a place for a vase.

Celebrate Your Independence... July 01 2013

Today we welcome the month of July. With July comes a month to reflect. Half of the year has past. What do we have to look forward to? What new designs will we see? What improvement can we make to better serve you? July is also the month we celebrate our Independence day (July 4th). This means we should also take time this month to celebrate A PLace For A Vase. Why, because it's an important independent small company that works hard to bring your a little (or big) something to improve the quality of your room, space or occasion. Today and everyday you can celebrate your uniqueness with a one of a kind piece. The floor is yours, make it shine!  

Happy Summer June 21 2013

Happy Summer to everyone.Thinking about adding some summer color to your life? These vases can do so much and add just the right touch to your home deco or summer celebrations. So much to say and do when it comes to getting the vases together. It's so very important that each one be unique, with different shapes and sizes, colors and accents. Now is the time to let our personality shine through with a vase. You can even add your own accents like summer flowers and  seashells. Make this summer the best (decorated) one yet. 

Grand Opening!!!! June 13 2013

Grand opening of A Place For A Vase!!! We're so excited to share our handmade vases with the world. Everyone on this planet demands to be unique and needs one of our vases to help them stand out. Bright bold beautiful vases that come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes. They add color and style to any room, space or occasion. Each one is handmade for a unique one of a kind piece. Who could ask for anything more. Questions, comments, likes, all are welcome. So tell your friends to tell their friends to come check it out!